Preparing for Cloud Field Day 8

TechFieldDay has never stopped! This important tech appointment with vendors and influencers never stopped its scheduling, switching from the “physical table” composed by vendors and delegates into a virtual event. So, The next appointment is with Cloud Field Day 8 15-17 July, and I’m delight to be chosen as a delegate for this event. But near some changes in the organization, I’d like to spend a couple of words for some vendors that are presenting.

Veeam (Wednesday, Jul 15th, 05:00-07:00 PDT, Early delegate panel)

Veeam is an availability suite born as a simple data protection software for the virtual environment, is now one of the important solutions able to protect private and public cloud data and workloads. In few words a single platform to protect cloud, virtual and physical infrastructures.

Aruba (Wednesday, Jul 15, 08:00-10:00 PDT, Early delegate panel)

Aruba is an HPE company focused on networking in every layer. In the company portfolio, Aruba SD-WAN is a key element to enable branch and datacenter connectivity with the major cloud providers such as AWS, Azure. One of the interesting point s of Aruba technology is the ability to access and control every single networking elements in a single pane of glass. Then it brings analytics and real-time detections that are the must you have to keep all networking layers under control.

Igneous (Wednesday, Jul 15, 11:00-13:00 PDT, Late delegate panel)

Igneous is a data management system able to manage and protect unstructured data across private and public clouds.

HashiCorp (Wednesday, Jul 15, 14:00-16:00 PDT, Late delegate panel)

HashiCorp is the company behind the engineering of some famous products like Vagrant, Terraform, Vault, Consul, Nomad, and Packer. I already wrote in some previous posts about Terraform and the way to deploy private and public clouds using a single language to describe the desired state of the infrastructure (workloads, networking, Kubernetes pods, etc…).

This is the second presence for HashiCorp at a TechFieldDay event, and after their great presentation of Consul, probably they’ll introduce Terraform Cloud (here the official announcement)… stay tuned!

Diamanti (Thursday, Jul 16, 6:00-7:30 PDT, Early delegate panel)

First time at TechFieldDay for Diamanti. This interesting technology claims to be robust hardware and software infrastructure implementation for hybrid and multi-cluster Kubernetes deployments. In their portfolio, Spektra is the platform that simply abstracts and manages applications regardless of the underline infrastructure. Then with Ultima is possible to offload storage and networking traffic from the CPU in order to accelerate storage and network IO. And finally, the hardware solution is Diamanti D20, a hyper-converged solution that also supports NVIDIA GPUs for AI and ML projects.

Morpheus Data (Thursday, Jul 16, 8:30-10:00 PDT, Early delegate panel)

After two CloudFieldDay, this will be the 3rd attendance for Morpheus Data an interesting and complete platform able to handle applications and workloads across multiple clouds. The high integration with provisioning systems, configuration management, and CI/CD pipeline are the key features of this technology.

NetApp (Thursday, Jul 16, 10:30-12:30 PDT, Late delegate panel)

NetApp like written on my previous posts is investing a lot of energy to be a good partner to follow and handle their customer from private to the public cloud. From the technology perspective, the NetApp core, the ONTAP software, is evolved years by years using different infrastructures and integrations building a great portfolio of products and services ready for every customer needs: from the on-premises data center to the cloud.

Fortinet (Thursday, Jul 16, 13.00-16:30 PDT, Late delegate panel)

Fortinet has a clear message: being a trusted technology partner that helps customers to reduce the multi-cloud connection complexity increasing security visibility. In fact, the SD-WAN for multi-cloud is an interesting way to enable and secure connections across different cloud providers.

Infrascale (Friday, Jul 17, 06:00-07:30 PDT, Early delegate panel)

Infascale is a cloud data protection solution able to mitigate ransomware attack and keep data safe in case of disaster recovery across multiple environments from physical (workstation included) to cloud.

Zerto (Friday, Jul 17, 08:30-10:00 PDT, Early delegate panel)

Zerto is another interesting platform able to handle disaster recovery, backup, and cloud mobility. From the key features, the simplicity to move workload across the private and public clouds is what a lot of companies are looking to avoid the cloud lock-in.

Qumulo (Friday, Jul 17, 11:00-12:00 PDT, Late delegate panel)

Qumulo has an interesting file storage solution able to run on-premise and in AWS or Google Cloud Platform. From a technical perspective, the Qumulo Filesystem is the key software element able to handle huge amounts of different sized files across multiple cloud environments.

This virtual event edition introduces some changes from the classical TFD events: there are two groups of delegates and vendors: early and late delegates groups, and the timing is built to accommodate two principal world time-zones: US (PDT) and EMEA.

For further information, schedule details, and live streaming check the official page at

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