Cloud Field Day 8 day 1 Highlights

Cloud Field Day 8 day one ended and I’m taking a couple of minutes to share some highlights. As explained in the preparation post this Tech Field Day virtual event is organized in two moments: early presentation a late presentation to accommodate all delegates from different time-zones. The early moment saw the participation of the Veeam and Aruba presentation.

Veeam recently announced to be acquired by Insight Partners for 5Bilion $, here the press news: This is a kind of acceleration in the US market and a boost of operations in the hybrid cloud. And right from the concepts of hybrid and multi-cloud that Veeam backup and replication is driving its the data protection and availability suite. Veeam is a Cloud Native Backup solution able to integrate elements specific to an individual cloud provider. This concept open to the enablement of cloud mobility: the ability to move easily workload across cloud environments (private included). Great the demonstrations via live demo!

HPE is following the road of the transformation from the Hardware/Solution vendor to “Everything as a Service” and products and services like HPE Greenlake are the concretizations of this vision. This is the occasion for Aruba Networks (a famous HPE company focus on Networking) to show how their products are integrated with the HPE portfolio. The presentation was focused on Aruba ESP and in particular on how AIOps implements ML models for telemetry and action purposes. Then was the time for HPE Infosight and a great use case on how to implements Aruba Networks for human location and contact tracing purposes. But during the presentation just in the coincidence of the SD-WAN topic, I saw a Tweet from Antonio Neri (HPE CEO) announcing the intent for HPE to acquire Silver Peak (SDWAN leader) to complete Aruba’s Edge Services. Things are still evolving? Let’s see what will happen!

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