My lab to test Nakivo (VMware and nested HyperV)

During beta test participation, is important to make a laboratory that could show features and cases for tested application. In Nakivo v.7 beta test is important to make a lab that fits the objectives given by the product during installation. Obviously a real environment could give performance indicators, but for lower budget nested virtualization could be a good give-and-take from testing and use-case. Let’s see in depth how to realized this lab.



Hardware Prerequisites:

  • PC with Intel i5 Core vPro (or a processor with VT feature enabled from BIOS)
  • VMware workstation/Fusion
  • at least 8GB RAM
  • at least 50GB disk free (better SSD)

Hyper-V protection lab


  • Windows 2016 Server ISO
  • Nakivo Virtual Appliance (Trial or beta)

Prepare Hyper-V environment:

  • Create VM using the better choice for you:
    • If you’re using Workstation >= 12.5 simply choose Guest OS installation and browse and select Windows 2016 ISO file. Follow wizard setting Administrator password (could skip Product Key)
    • In all cases prepare a VM with at least 25GB vmdk, 1 vCPU, 2GB RAM (suggested 4GB)
    • Add a 10GB virtual harddrive to perform a full recovery
  • As network option you should choose bridged to protect with Nakivo and use external client/storage
  • During installation choose datacenter Edition with or without Desktop experience (depending on your powershell knowledge Occhiolino )
  • Install VMware tools if they are not installed and enable Hyper-V. Note: this is a nested environment, for this reason is important to show VT feature to this VM:
    • image
    • Enable Hyper-V feature with Powershell or from Server Manager (depending on the previous choice)
  • Try a local/remote management with hyper-v management console (suggested a local management to speed up your test)
  • If you want to remote manage this environment with Powershell follow this previous post:


Prepare Nakivo Environment

  • Double click or import OVA-OVF Nakivo VA image
  • Accept EULA/beta test agreement
  • Configure Hostname/IP from Text console
    • image
    • Fix ip address
  • Connect to web console: https://<nakivo_ip> (overriding certificate warning)
  • Set admin password

Simple hyper-v protection test

  • create a windows 2016 VM without desktop (to reduce resource consumption) (1vCPU, 1GB RAM, 8-9 GB vhd)
    • create a net share
    • Put some document to the server using powershell or file explorer (use it to perform File Level Restore)
  • Add new Hyper-V inventory from Nakivo web console:
    • Simply insert hyper-v ip address
    • Create a simple backup job

That’s all! Enjoy

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