News from Cloud Side #3

VMWorld 2019

This year San Francisco is the city where VMworld 2019 US is taking place. Starting from 25th August, The Moscone Center will be the theatre of one of the worldwide show focused on virtualization and cloud.

Unfortunately I can’t help you giving tip and tricks (I’ll head di Europe edition in November), but if you’re attending this event in place don’t forget to schedule your agenda booking sessions, talks or other cool moment and don’t forget to check also community activities like VMUG party and VMware {code} Hackathon.

Don’t forget also to check with the official channels before and during the event:

VMware acquires AVI Networks and preparing for BitFusion

Back to Palo Alto, the activities pre-acquisition between VMware and AVI Network are closed with the acquisition of the company. Reading the official news here :<< Avi possesses exceptional alignment with VMware’s view of where the network is going, and how data centers must evolve to operate like public clouds to help organizations reach their full digital potential. It’s for these reasons that I am happy to announce VMware has closed the acquisition of Avi Networks and they are now officially part of the VMware family going forward.>> This is an important step to consolidate the automation stacks in software-defined networking.

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In the meantime, another important acquisition intent is taking place: just a few days ago in a VMware official note (here) announces the intent to acquire BitFusion, the pioneer of the GPU virtualization. This could be a great boost in the AI development: while the use of FPGA and ASIC are improving many business processes creating some boundaries with the underline hardware, the GPU virtualization is the new frontier to achieve power and efficiency.

Cloud Field Day 6 Updates

Let’s stay in Silicon Valley with some important updates about CloudFieldDays 6, the upcoming event about cloud solution where a bunch of vendors is presenting their technologies in a round table composed by leader, specialist, and experts coming from a lot of countries around the world.

The event dates are moving from August to 25-27 September and at the moment NetApp, Morpheus, and Hammerspace are in the list of presenting companies. Still, no update to the delegate panel, that I want to remember, is useful to interact with “round table” asking questions. So stay tuned and check the official page:

Docker 3.0 Enterprise in GA

Last news regards the official announcement of the release 3.0 of Docker Enterprise which claims to simplify the delivery of the application from the own desktop to the cloud, simplifying also the Kubernetes deployment with Docker Kubernetes Service (DKS).

Check the official announcement here:

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