VMware influencer 100 club and vExpert 2022

A few weeks ago and I received important recognition from VMware about my influencer activity… and just a few hours ago, for the 8th time, I was nominated vExpert. Here I want to dedicate a post about it to explain the meaning of these recognitions and say a big thanks to the managers of VMTN that are making these happenings years by years.

VMware influencer 100 club

In 2019 I was nominated as one of the 100 influencers for VMware. In fact, since 2015, after my involvement in the VMUG community, I had the pleasure to know all VMTN staff and participate in many initiatives like Cloudcredibility, VMware {code}, and a lot of people around the vExpert program.

From that moment, I seriously started evangelizing VMware technologies. in fact, talking about VMware as a “virtualization company” sounds really reductive! with the coming of vSphere and the other products, VMware demonstrates a particular attitude to the integration and the infrastructure management that drove this company to be a great technology to handle on-premises and cloud workloads and old a new application sitting on it!

vExpert 2022

After eight years I’m still excited, receiving the e-mail with the subject: <<Welcome to the vExpert Progarm>>. Yet I remember my first application after joining the VMUG Italy and the first time I met the community at the vExpert party in 2016 in Barcelona.

The news of the year is the first nomination of the friend of my last adventures, Manuel Coppotelli. So I’m really happy about his nomination, and my congratulations go also to “old” and “new” vExperts!

If you wanna check the full directory: https://vexpert.vmware.com/directory


Last month finally I received my plaque! I’m humbled to be a part of this club, to be a vExpert again, and to be a part of the VMware community. My big thanks go to Eric Nielsen, Noell Grier, Corey Romero, Kripa Sitaraman, Julia Kalus, Gabi Darza, and all people I never met that are working day by day on these programs and are giving me the “space” to express myself and let me evangelize people on VMware technologies.


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