News from Cloud Side #4

Back to work, it’s time to share some news coming from AWS and VMware which are involved in some acquisitions during this quarter. Some news coming from VMworld US in San Francisco are clear signals of market expansion to the Kubernetes area, giving also the chance for their customer to keep “safe” the traditional applications too. And again some important updates one week before the upcoming Cloud Field Day 6.

AWS acquires E8

Today NVMe is the proven best in the class storage device with extremely low latency and the top of the performance in IOPS. In this field, an interesting company movement happened: E8 Storage, an SDS solution for NVMe array, has been acquired by AWS for more or less 60mln $. Amazon didn’t disclose the details of the operation, but this acquisition is going to give an interesting technology boost to the AWS Datacenters.

Unfortunately there no more clues on the Internet about E8 technology, but luckily they have been presented at StorageFieldDay 14 and there are some good technical videos produced before the acquisition.


News from VMworld

The most important news of the last month are coming from VMworld US 2019 in San Francisco (CA).

Probably the shocking news at the end of the first general session was the change of VMware CTO. The ex CTO Ray ‘O Farrel is now the leader of cloud-native division and is continuing the effort in a strategical VMware department that probably is going to be the principal actor for next years: VMware’s cloud-native division. So the new VMware CTO is Greg Lavender. (see an interesting article here)

Seems that after some try-catch the year 2019 is the concretization of what was boiling in the VMware’s pot for quite 5 years. And it’s clear now that in the world of Cloud-Native Applications, the virtual infrastructure is going to be the new commodity.

Today, delivering the newest generation apps means:

  • use several software architectures without taking care of the underline infrastructure
  • keeping the focus on the platform

…and cloud choice (IaaS and PaaS) is going to be only an economic decision.

Now, by the new coming Project Pacific, an important step forward in the cloud-native application has done with the promise to let developers and sysadmin deliver their application regardless of the underlying infrastructure but keeping governance and security under control.

I’d like to share a really interesting post by Frank Denneman, where best describe what Project Pacific is going to do: check here.

Cloud Field Day 6

The delegate list is closed, vendors are ready and the agenda too! Like every Cloud Field Day is used to see famous and emergent technologies focused on “the Cloud” and its integrations.

Checking the presenting vendors, there are famous names like DELL EMC and NetApp which are investing in solutions to protect and distribute data across hybrid-cloud environments. But the lands of data and the related solution are also at the center of the business for some emerging companies like LucidLink and HammerSpace.

Then ExtraHop has an interesting portfolio of product for security operations and analytics. The “job” to complete the dev-ops integration is given to Morpheus and getting into Kubernetes area, there is, with some interesting solutions for microservices and hybrid applications.

Last but not the least HashiCorp which has founded the company around the concept of infrastructure as code, redefining the way to deliver the full-stack cloud applications, and giving a set of powerful tools to build and deploy every kind of application.

During these hours, I read an interesting post written by Chris Williams about this event that is going to be an awsome cloud moment: don’t forget to “tune your browser” to to see the updates, the agenda, and the live stream on 25th in the morning (PT).

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