VMware Virtual Cloud Network: the SDN from datacenter to cloud

The recent announcement coming from VMware, is the new line of products that definitely covers all segments of software defined networking: Virtual Cloud Network.

I already showed here the benefits of the software defined networking based on NSX, as the opportunity for enterprise companies and service provider to evolve physical and logical networks, into a dynamic, reliable and secure data center network.

In fact, deploy a physical network SDN ready, is very easy, and less expensive than build a traditional network (in terms of switches and firewalls). From another perspective, implementing NSX in a already existing network environment is a non destructive action that could accelerate its adoption without substantial modification against the traditional network.

The next step into a more integrated environment is the end-to-end segmentations spread across multiple data center, edge networks and cloud system. Following the vision with VMware, the journey to SDN starts on-premise with NSX for datacenter, interconnecting every “places” with NSX SD-WAN (by VeloCloud) and finally embracing cloud networking with NSX Cloud.


Official Page: https://www.vmware.com/solutions/virtual-cloud-network.html

Official News: https://www.vmware.com/company/news/releases/vmw-newsfeed.VMware-Advances-Networking-for-the-Digital-Era-with-the-Virtual-Cloud-Network.2205008.html

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