Preparing for CloudFieldDay6: Morpheus, LucidLink, HashiCorp

CloudFieldDay 6, is preparing to rock! This event, organized by GestaltIT, will take place in Silicon Valley from 25th to 27th of September. This will be my 4th attendance as a delegate (the second in a CloudFieldDay) and I’m really delighted to see my name in this great delegate list. The vendor list is growing too, and in this post, I’d like to talk about some interesting companies.

For newbies, CloudFieldDay is one of the TechFieldDay events: they are important technology moments where vendors are presenting their products and solutions to a panel of experts, called delegates, which are coming from every part of the world (bloggers, community leaders, influencers, and specialists). The event is live-streamed, and during the presentation, the delegates are free to ask questions, and discussing pro, cons, room for improvements.

Multicloud strategies with Morpheus

The major part of the companies, which are choosing one or more cloud provider, is still acquiring this technology using the “silo” approach. It happens that different cloud acquisitions are the results of non-convergent choices coming from several departments. The result: every element composing the IT are more and more fragmented, isolated and not under control to IT departments. But cloud solutions (and modern on-premise infrastructures) are born to be integrated with each other and working together creating a big integration layer that really connects every single element into the desired company purpose.

Morpheus is an interesting solution that provides integration between on-premise and cloud platform in order to deliver a common interface to show analytics, improve governance, automation, and production activities (day 2 operations).

I leave this topic with a good article written by Ken Nalbone (One of the TechFieldDay organizer): and the video of the past CloudFieldDay 3:

LucidLink: Security and performances for a Cloud File Service

Cloud file services probably are the first cloud solution that both companies and individual are using every day to protect and share files and archives. LucidLink is a cloud file service that delivers a new approach to cloud storage: extends a local drive into S3 cloud providers, handle a huge quantity of data with low latency and a good level of security.

The journey to LucidLink could start with the account creation and choosing between three levels of service:

  • File cloud owned by LucidLink
  • Use your own cloud provider
  • Use on-premise storage

For furthers check this link:

Infrastructure as a code with HashiCorp

For the first time ever, CloudFieldDay is announcing the participation of HashiCorp: the creator of Vagrant and Terraform.

In the multi-cloud era, especially when demanding the creation of workload across several environments and tenants, is mandatory the adoption of the paradigm of the infrastructure as code: an efficient way to describe and maintain the deployments for one or more infrastructures. In this area, HashCorp, near the famous Terraform, has developed some interesting products that could be useful for a lot of companies:

  • Vault: to secure access and sensitive data.
  • Consul: to connect and secure services across public and private cloud
  • Nomad: to deploy and manage any application (containerized, legacy, or batch)

It’s mandatory to mention Vagrant, a very powerful tool for coders, that in conjunction with VirtualBox (or VMware Fusion/Workstation) provides a full-stack platform to write applications bringing the quite the same behavior of the production environment.

If you are thrilled (like me), to know what will happen during Cloud Field Day 6, don’t forget to tune your browser here:

Stay tuned on 25-27 September!

CloudFieldDay will be an interesting moment to uncover these solutions and give you the opportunity to interact with the roundtable simply using #CFD6 on Twitter or DM one of the delegate in the list:

Stay tuned!

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