News from cloud side #1

In this post, I’ve gathered some last interesting news came from my stream like Bitnami future with VMware, the opened door for VMworld and more…

From AWS side, as Italian, I’m still waiting for the opening of the first Italian datacenter in Milan; in the meantime, the next-generation I/O optimized EC2 instances are launched near the announcement of S3 Path Deprecation Plan.

From the DevOps side, the launch of Velero, the Open Source Tool to Back up and Migrate Kubernetes Clusters, place another important new presence in the Kubernetes solutions wall.


For sure the most acclaimed of the week is the intention for VMware to acquire Bitnami, one of the leaders in packaging solutions that is showing off the largest catalog of application (click and deploy) also available for Kubernetes environments. In a note from Bitnami website:

VMware is acquiring Bitnami to accelerate application delivery for multi-cloud and Kubernetes and expand Bitnami adoption in the enterprise. Learn more by reading the official announcement and the post from our founders

Here the article appeared in the official VMware cloud blog:


VMworld is opening! Today it’s possible to buy tickets for US and EU editions at a discounted price. IMHO if you’re going to attend it’s important to start preparing the agenda, book hotels and travels to take advantage of the best available price.

Info and registration here:

AWS S3 path deprecation plan

AWS fairly quietly, announce the deprecation of path-based access model that is used to specify the address of an object in an S3 bucket. In the official note, the S3 service launched in 2006 is going to be reviewed in the way to access the objects in the bucket.

At the moment, the ways to access the S3 objects are:

  1. Path-Style model:[bucket]/[path_to_file]
  2. Virtual hosted style: https://[bucket][path_to_file]

In this article, the path style is going to be deprecated on September 30, 2020. For the buckets created before this date, AWS will guarantee the support, but after this date, new bucket access with path-style will no longer be supported.

Velero: the first stable edition.

Velero claims to be an interesting solution to backup, recovery, migrate Kubernetes clusters. The announcement of the release 1.0 during the KubeCon, is raising up the interest of a lot of companies which are working in this ecosystem.

In fact, this tool uses the Kubernetes API to capture the state of the cluster and restore them when necessary, giving also the benefits of capturing subsets of cluster resources (eg.: filtering by namespace). This could be also useful to back up and restore applications that live upon persistent storage.

Check the further documentation on the official website:

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