Nakivo 9.1 beta is live

Nakivo is preparing for another exciting adventure with the upcoming release 9.1 with three features: Linux backup, Native backup to tape and instant verification. Let’s see in-depth.

With the Linux server backup, Nakivo is covering the entire specter of Linux physical, virtual and cloud workload protection. This feature claims to protect every physical server based on Linux guaranteeing also the application consistency. By the way, it is possible to restore the workload as a vSphere/Hyper-V virtual machine (an alternative way to protect and convert from physical to virtual).

The need to have the tape as a long term backup media is what a lot of companies are still doing. From Nakivo’s official site << Even though modern businesses generally rely on disk-based backups or cloud-based backups, tape backups are still widely used due to their high reliability, cost-efficiency, and low maintenance needs>>. Nakivo 9.1 beta introduces the ability to copy critical backups directly into a tape library.

Last but not least in order to test the validity of the backup, this beta introduces instant verification. In fact, checking guest tools signals (VMware Tools or Hyper-V Integration Services) from a VM recovered in a sandbox after the backup competitions, it’s possible to verify the backup consistency.

During VMworld 2019 EU…

With my friend Paolo (formely the blogger and the owner of ) I had the pleasure to meet Bruce Talley Nakivo’s CEO and co-founder. During the conversation he shares with us some visions and direction that the company is going to do in the next year to stay aligned with the market requests. Seen the amount of releses

during this year, it’s clear that this company has a great energy developing new feature, improving the product and hear their customers to stay aligned with the market.

Some new feature will develped next year! Stay tuned.



If you wanna test these new features just download the beta version here:

Remember, the beta purpose is only to test new features and provide feedback to the companies… don’t use this in production.

NAKIVO, Inc. is a privately-held company founded in 2012. NAKIVO develops a fast, reliable, and affordable data protection solution for VMware, Hyper-V, and cloud environments.

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This post is sponsored by Nakivo, Inc. Thoughts and experiences come from my own.

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