Nakivo 8.5 is live!

As written here, Nakivo 8.5 introduces two important features: Nutanix Acropolis support and the installation into RaspberryPi.

Other than the inclusion of the newest release like Windows Server, this last edition could be considered another important step into Mid and Enterprise market. In particular Raspberry Pi is what could make the difference for IoT and Edge computing. We already see what this small board is able to do with VMware vSphere for ARM (still in development), and now the ability to support the devices through the I/O bus and handle a local backup with Nakivo could be considered as a low-cost feature that could be introduced in every Small and Midsize company. In this way, your backup cost could be reduced again in terms of hardware and power consumption.

From the Enterprise side, the support from Acropolis could be considered an important alignment to the market requests. As explained here this feature uses an agentless feature to protect application and data in Nutanix AVH systems. BTW all application could be protected in a consistent way capturing data in a transactionally consistent state when running on Nutanix systems.

The full features list is available here:

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