From Source Code to Cloud… #IDI 2023

Last week I had the honor to be one of the speakers for one of Italy’s important and famous DevOps communities: “Incontro DevOps 2023” (DevOps meeting 2023). This is a great appointment with experts and enthusiasts of the DevOps space, especially on Kubernetes, automation tools, CI/CD, etc… Let’s see it in depth.

Introducing GrUSP and IDI 2023

GrUSP is a non-profit organization that is hosting events focused on development (especially on the web) and DevOps. Checking the official website, after a long period of virtual meetings, finally they “rebooted” the season with this important meeting called “Incontro DevOps 2023”.

Eventi di GrUSP | Eventbrite

I had some conversations with the organizers and like what happened to whom has stopped the organization of the IT events due to the pandemic, they are finally happy to meet people again and at the same time, give the opportunity for people unable to travel, to join remotely every session and ask questions.

But things are not ending with this! GrUSP is planning other events in Italy focused con container, development, etc… and I won’t miss the opportunity to participate and meet old and new people in this fantastic community.

My speech… a company story

Microservices development today is still a challenge! Even if the CNCF ecosystem is providing tons of tools to develop, build and deliver cloud-native applications, it seems that the developer is still worried about the development step that in some cases could spend a lot of time and effort to prepare and test cloud-native applications.

This is the case I faced in my working company, during the Kubernetes implementation and Cloud-Native application transition. In fact, the transition in many cases is disruptive. It requires some non-technical effort to close the cultural gap and change the “business logic” on top of the application lifecycle.

So my advice is to start with gathering roles and activities around the application development, then define how to automate the supply chain from source code to microservices, including also the best checks and Ops automation tools that are available in the market (Fluxcd, Helm, Linters… )

Unfortunately, due to company authorization, and respecting the GrUSP terms and conditions I can’t share my talk here right now… it’s fair! But for all participants, the video will be available soon and after some months will be publically available on YouTube. I’ll give some updates… stay tuned!

Follow up and…

For sure this event was a great opportunity for me to land in a new community and learn/share a lot of interesting stuff on the DevOps space with the most important players like AWS and VMware… and stay tuned for next!

Before closing this post I’d like to thank GrUSP for this great opportunity, Alessandro Franceschi for questions and follow-up in an Italian podcast “La Brigata dei Geek Esitinti” (, all community members and last by not the least my working company for letting me show what we are doing every day!

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