The Pipeline Guys: Episode #2

The third appointment with ThePipelineGuys podcast has done with some news about AWS DynamoDB birthday, CloudFieldDay 13, and our first guest Andrea Mauro talking about the role of VMware Users Group in the Cloud Native Application evangelization. Let’s see in-depth.

After some technical issues during the production of episode #1, finally, I and my friend Manuel have tuned the audio and video stream with a dedicated Streaming Workstation and working deep on better audio qualities coming from all the sources. Probably I’ll write a technical post about it, but from now I leave with the links to:

The News

I know! This podcast appointment is in the Italian language for our local audience, but we hope, in the nearest future to organize some recording in the English language, especially for interviewing international people. Anyway, the announcements in this episode are the 10th anniversary of AWS Dynamo DB with an interesting introduction and some history page of the genesis by Manuel.

Don’t forget the appointment of the next week with CloudFieldDay 13 with the following vendors that are presenting their solutions: NetApp, Pure Storage, Kasten by Veeam, VMware, Metallic, StormForge, RackN, Fortinet.

Info and news on the official page:

The Influencer Role of VMUG in Cloud-Native Space

After a great introduction of the role of VMware Users Group by Andrea Mauro, the discussion goes directly on the role of VMware as a multi-cloud enabler for a company that wants easily move workload across cloud providers bringing the power of virtualization by VMware and the integrations and the as-a-service efficiency and cost.

The next step is how to bring Cloud-Native applications for old and new organizations. Here the integration offered by VMware Tanzu with the underline infrastructure is the VMware winning card in the Cloud-Native application market.

So, for Italian folks: just listen to our podcast and leave comments and suggestions for the next appointment that should be on February, 24th at 6:00 pm CEST. Don’t forget to follow @ThePipelineGuys on Twitter to stay updated with the news and the next live date!

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