Preparing Session for VMworld 2021 – Automation with Tanzu (#APP1412)

VMworld 2021 is opening the doors! Like the past year, due to the health worldwide emergency, the event is happening virtually again. So, from 5th to 7th October, keynotes, sessions, and social moments like round-tables will be available for everyone who is registered, comfy from your home. This time, my good friend Manuel Coppotelli and me applied for a session about Tanzu and the two sides of automation: the infrastructure and the application. Let’s spend in this post some words about it and don’t forget to register and join my session Automate DevOps in a Cloud Native Way with VMware Tanzu [APP1412].

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Since 2016, the date of my first VMworld, things in my personal and professional life are changed a lot. In only 3 years I joined influencers programs, communities, and in the end my job. But what really VMworld gave to me during the in-person events is the feeling to be a part of a big family, full of friends, professional people, and opportunities.

For sure all my participations in past VMworld were really intense and absolutely rich in community moments and opportunities to share knowledge with people that I always hear on social… and here I’d like to mention the VMware {code} hackathon, the ex CloudCredibility program, the Hands-On Lab activities and the VMUG moments with the leaders. Moreover, in 2018 I moved forward presenting a community session showing an example of how to wrap PowerCLI code into a web service based on NodeJS and delivered using Skaffolder.

Now it’s time to talk about the upcoming session in this VMworld 2021.

Approaching the DevOps with Automation

How many times and in how many discussions have I talked about IT Automations especially on workload provisioning? Today this is my focus on my job in InfoCert: as Cloud Automation Specialist I spend a lot of time researching, designing, and realizing automation systems.

During the last years, my good friend Manuel Coppotelli and I have gathered some experiences on the field (our battlefield) on how to realize infrastructure integrations and pipelines to automate the deployment of the infrastructures and the applications. So, in the presentation, we’ll show how to do that with VMware Tanzu and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid integrating a lot of DevOps technologies like Jenkins, Gitlab, Tekton, Flux, and Terraform.

The presentation is oriented not only to infrastructure automation people but also to DevOps pipeline specialists and will be full of experiences, real cases, and demos… So, if you’re interested don’t forget to sign for this session in the VMworld 2021 Content Catalog.

“See” you there!

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