Nakivo releases 7.3: a step into enterprise deduplication appliances

Yesterday (28 November), Nakivo announced the general availability for the release 7.3. The important feature that is coming with this new version is the integration with hardware deduplication appliances such as EMC Data Domain, HP StoreOnce, NEC HYDRAstor, and Quantum DXi:

During my test with 7.3 beta, an important option appears during the steps for backup repository configuration: the ability to let Nakivo know that the destination storage is an deduplication appliance and this means that the deduplication step is no longer driven by Nakivo, but is full demanded to the appliance hardware, leaving resources and increasing the backup speed.

I leave this post with the link to download the free trial version:

Final Disclaimer

This post is sponsored by Nakivo. Thoughts and experiences around Nakivo product come from my own.

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