HPE Discover 2021 (21-24 June)

After one month from the launch of the new storage line of product, Alletra, it’s time to talk about the upcoming event HPE Discover 2021 that will take place in one week 21-24 June. Like happened in 2020, it will take place as a virtual event with different time scheduling for Americas, EMEA, and APJ. For info and registration: https://www.hpe.com/us/en/discover.html. But before the event starts, let’s see here some anticipations.

Last news from HPE

As told in my previous posts, HPE is one of the important companies able to project and deliver not only hardware and software but complete IT solutions. Thanks to their professional staff and an interesting hardware and software portfolio and ecosystem, customers can have an IT partner able to transform their needs in data center and cloud solutions.

HPE during the last year has really jumped into the cloud-native application era. In fact, Ezmeral and the HPE Greenlake portfolio are the demonstrations of a definitive change of path for a company that wants to leave the “box mover” perspective becoming a hybrid cloud solutions builder. At the same time, HPE with software integration is able to complete the integrations stack necessary to deploy new generation apps using also DevOps paradigm.

Talking about the storage area, HPE Alletra marks the definitive change of perspective: from block storage to a data solution with a simplified time to deploy and integration with data center and a great focus on SLA and availability regardless of the physical location. In fact, selling a complex storage system today sounds really reductive. Customers are still concerned about the complexity of the storage acquisition, and the waste of time and effort in storage operation and organization. So it’s necessary to leave the classical perspective of “block”, “LUN”, “async/sync replica”, etc, introducing concepts like data life-cycle, data gravity, and data availability to enhance its usability on-premises and in the Cloud.

Just before publishing this post, I got this last news from the blog community: HPE officially releases the Kubernetes CSI drivers for Alletra (https://community.hpe.com/t5/Around-the-Storage-Block/HPE-CSI-Driver-for-Kubernetes-now-available-for-HPE-Alletra/ba-p/7136280).

The last news from the HPE partner ecosystem regards the expanded partnership with Nutanix, the famous hyper-converged company, that together are now involved in a database hybrid-cloud acceleration. In fact in the HPE Greenlake Cloud Services is possible today to deploy a database in minutes with all you need to operate and maintain its life-cycle.

The Event

Like the past years, HPE Discover is the best event to show news, technologies, and customer experiences. Starting from the 22nd (23rd for EMEA), there will take place keynotes, technical speaking, testimonials, and the opportunity to see HPE products in action and… why not… ask questions to HPE experts. Don’t forget also to follow sessions and demo organized by Veeam, showing data protection in HPE environment, and the breakout session with Intel technologies showing HPC for Flexible Data Center.

So don’t forget to register and build your agenda: https://www.hpe.com/us/en/discover.html … and “see” you there!


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