From London VMUG the "Open Homelab Project"

It’s true that some projects and ideas will take off during community or vendor events, party, vBeers… vmug it is a demonstration that beer could create something really cool and useful for community 🙂 (Thanks vmug it!!! and of course we are not a bunch of drunks!!!)… and during London VMUG in April 2016 a new volunteer team created a group focused on collecting ideas, article e experiences about the creation of a self-made or in-premise lab for virtualization and all IT elements that are running around (Virtual machine, operation tools,operative systems).

This is the Open Homelab Project ( )


Why homelab

IMHO labs are great resources to do many things like:

  1. Test products and its installation
  2. Test procedures before appling in a production environment
  3. Discover functionality
  4. Prepare an exam (of course!!!)

VMware has followed this idea creating “Hands on Labs” ( ) : a cloud/off-premise labs available for communities and course attendees.

But if you want to keep labs for many days or take governance of these system to improve installation and setup procedures, the suggestion is build your own! And this community with it’s portal could be a great starting point to begin.


Get involved

Every community contributions are collected in this portal where you could find a lot of information about building, managing and securing your homelab environment. But the group is really open and every “external” contribution is accepted: simple register your name and start contributing.

Now I’m a registered contributor and hope to contribute soon with my lab!!!


Funny and curiosity

There is a section called “Homelab Horror Stories” where i found a story about a “VSAN nightmare” in home lab. Hope this section will grow with vExpert experiences that could fail like other humans!!

In the founders list i found names like Pietro Piutti, Mike Laverick and Frank Denneman… wwwait… I know these people!!!…..

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