A “container” way to execute powercli and naviseccli

This post is just a littel review of two docker images that could aid developer and sysadmin to execute scripted task. From sysadmin perspective it doesn’t change a lot from using client installed version of powercli and navicli, but IMHO it could be more confortable in some off-premise scenarios.


Naviseccli is a linux software; for this reason the porting to container was not much difficult: let’s see my Dockerfile

Simply lanuch the container with this command:

and here’s the result


Enjoy and let me know issues and improvements


Thanks to William Lam (@lamw) for the porting, there is a vmware official image here: https://hub.docker.com/r/vmware/powerclicore/

In my test I was able to show my vDC hosts including my script in the container execution:

And here my result:



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