vExpert 2018… I’m in!

Ok Folks, vExpert 2018 awards is official! This is the 4th year I’ve received this recognition for my involvement in community sharing, showing and spreading my passion for VMware technologies.

In fact vExpert program is not a certification, is a recognition for the annual activities of evangelization VMware product, sharing news and interests to virtualization communities and with working colleagues. For this reason being certified is not enough to become a vExpert… my suggestion to next applicants is: close your book, go out and join the community and share your knowledge.

Finally I want to say a big thanks to my family for supporting me (Thank you Tunda and Gioia), a thanks again to my mentors, which guided me in choices e suggestions to grow up my knowledge and my involvement in the community. Thanks to VMware Users Group Italy and HQ for helping me to start this mission in the community and thanks also to TechFieldDay staff and community for improving myself giving the opportunity to see and argue about tech stuffs.

Last but not least, thanks to all VMTN staff to make this happened!

The official announcement here:

The official directory here:

And here my vExpert profile:

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